The Songs That Came In From The Cold

Ever been to Krakow?

There’s a suburb in Krakow called Nova Huta which was Stalin’s great attempt at Social Realism. My friend Jason and I were in a Trabant, being driven by the craziest tour guide east of Berlin, heading towards Nova Huta at 90 miles an hour.

When we got there we took a short tour round the still-existing shops that would dole out rations to the residents. Long wooden counters with drawers containing goodness knows what, and a sparse decor flagrantly ignoring commerciality, advertising and consumerism.

We had a short vodka in a 1970s restaurant and our guide showed us photographs and told us stories of the days of communism.

It was a fascinating tour and rich with human interest. Couple that with the recent John Le Carre film, “Tinker, Tailor” and the Cold War becomes much more luminous in the mind.

So I thought why not write some song collections about interesting historical subjects. You know, things that actually interest me. Raaaaaadical dude.

It makes for inspiring subject matter and a sense of direction.

Watching “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”, a trip to Poland and reading The Spy Who Came In From The Cold together have inspired a new project provisionally titled:

The Songs That Came In From The Cold: 9 Cold War Espionage Songs

And since I haven’t written or recorded anything since 500 BC it’s an even more suitable title.

I tracked down an Encyclopedia of Cold War Espionage, Spies, and Secret Operations at Amazon which is jam packed with the stories of spies and their murky goings on. A great source of inspiration.

My penciled in track listing includes:

  • Coming in From The Cold (Leamas’ Lament)
  • Hotel Krakow
  • Berlin Drive
  • Coming Back To The Circus
  • I Won’t Be Going Home
  • The Art of Betrayal
  • Live & Let Spy
  • …. and 2 more

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