Learn Guitar Online – Guitar Tricks Review

I love the blues and guitarists not many people have heard of. I learned through the music of Mississippi John Hurt and Woodie Guthrie.

I used to have a lesson once a week from my old primary school teacher who would write out chords and tabs for me based on the old blues masters.

In those days an online guitar tuition website was of course, unheard of. But these days guitar lessons online are really quite mature and one of the best is Guitar Tricks. I’ve been a member for almost a year and it’s a pretty handy and fun learning resource.

However, if you’re thinking of investing in online lessons, here’s what I think of it.

Get A Free 14 Day Trial of GuitarTricks – You get full access for 2 weeks when you sign up for the free trial. If GuitarTricks isn’t for you feel free to cancel within 14 days.

Guitar Tricks Review

This is a long list so sit down and fasten in. There are over 5000 lessons on this site and more added every day. The price is only $14.95 a month and that’s about a third of a once a week lesson with a decent guitar tutor. I love the forum! You can actually talk to the instructors and ask them questions about something that is not making sense to you or leave recommendations for lessons you would like to see.

On top of that they have a guitar tech on staff so when I had a problem with my action height he was able to help in a little over a day and could help you with any problems you might encounter. Guitar Tricks provides a tuner and metronome built in to the site making it just a click away from tuning up you guitar or keeping in time. Pretty handy.

The jam station is a really nice feature allowing you to play different parts of the song without a band behind you. It has some great charts for finding out which chord is giving you a hard time.

There is also a list of all the scales and shows you the positions right on the fret board.

The videos have a feature that works really well allowing you to loop a section you are working on without having to let go of your guitar.

Even after several months of using the site I’m sure there are other features I have yet to find!

What I like about Guitar Tricks

This site has changed the way I play guitar. I hate the thought of someone criticizing the way I learn or learning on someone else’s schedule. Being a guitarist I like a lot of styles of music. This site has made it possible for me to learn all the styles I want and can switch whenever I feel like it.

I love the jam sessions! I can just jam out with back up without having to find people to jam with or work around their schedule. My favorite thing on this site is the looping feature. I can pick point A and point B to loop just that section till I have mastered it.

It really has helped me perfect some finger movements. Then I can move on to the next loop I need help with. You can change the loop sections at any time.

The price. I can’t forget that.

Yes it does cost money, but it is far less than personal live lessons. I think it’s better than spending almost two hundred a month at your local guitar shop. You just cannot get a better service for under $20 a month.

Key Features

  • There is a step-by-step beginner program: The Core Learning System
  • On-screen notation in the Core Learning System
  • There are over 8,000 lessons. Yes 8,000! That’ll keep you going right?
  • Guitar Tricks has twice as many songs as the other online lesson sites (500 songs) including song lessons by The Beatles, The Eagles, B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughn. And of course tons more. This is important because it’s hard and costly to gain publisher permissions to teach songs online and GT have agreements with most of the big guys.
  • The videos have a 3-angle view shot on HD cameras

Guitar Tricks Pros and Cons


  • Ability to learn whenever and wherever you want
  • Huge amount of lessons available
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use
  • New lessons added all the time
  • Active forum and teachers

  • It might not have the artists you want to learn
  • Is very general in nature, doesn’t go technique in depth sometimes
  • You need to be at a computer to use it

What I Dislike

It’s easy to use, and teaches me things I did not even know I was supposed to learn!

However it can be a bit general in nature.

Since I love some odd guitarist like John Hurt and Cliff Gallup I would love for some of the obscure techniques to be highlighted. As much as I would love to learn to play like those guys, I also don’t dare fool myself to think I can perfect their guitar playing. Also, with so many new teachers, and user recommendations I would not be surprised to see them on GT shortly.


I don’t want this to sound like a sales pitch ’cause I don’t work for Guitar Tricks. I haven’t been practising a huge amount recently but I can fully recommend you sign up for the free trial today.

(Note: As a member of Guitar Tricks affiliate program I will get a commission from them if you actually buy it. Doesn’t cost you a penny more but does help towards my next album)